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At TRADUVÁRIUS we rely on our

collaboration with professionals from

many different backgrounds, overseeing

and handling texts, in order to

guarantee high performances from our

translators on both a technological and a

communicative level, by networking and

constantly updating the themes and

terminologies on our very own database.



At TRADUVÁRIUS we use the crème de la

crème of Portuguese voices, so that our

productions are of the highest

professional standard.

Likewise, we are privileged to have ties

with good foreign voiceover specialists

for our international productions.  


Founded in 2000, TRADUVÁRIUS is

widely recognized and highly respected,

being a benchmark for translation and

subtitling in a broad range of languages.



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With ten years experience and living up to our official name – TRADUVÁRIUS – Translations and

Publishing, Lda. – books are especially dear to the heart of our company.

On the centenary of the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, TRADUVÁRIUS is proud to be

taking part in the editorial project of the Centre for Classical Studies to publish priceless writings

that will most certainly enrich the pages of our culture.

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