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In the summer of 2010, TRADUVÁRIUS branched out into

another new venture: book publishing.

The partnership with the Centre of Classical Studies of the

University of Lisbon School of Arts has enabled TRADUVÁRIUS to embrace short and medium term projects in the publishing


The Centre for Classical Studies (CEC) is a Unit of Scientific

Research devoted to the study of Greek and Roman Humanities, as well as its impact in the European culture. It is also entrusted with doctoral and post-doctoral courses, the participation in international research networks, the dissemination of scientific culture and the promotion of cultural activities.




A Quasi-Navigation to CAPPADOCIA

“No one arrives without also leaving” – this is what prompted the author to begin his trip down memory lane, recounted with

candour, even though the Grim Reaper peeks around every corner.

On each page, we are caught up in an enchanted parade of places where theological story lines intersect.
A Quasi-Navigation to CAPPADOCIA is the offering of a writer extraordinaire who can no longer be kept a secret.

Manuel Vilas-Boas, TSF journalist


CRISIS, The Courtesan

In 1444 – fourteen years before he was elected Pope Pius II – Eneias Sílvio Piccolomini was a fervent humanist who avidly read

the Greek and Latin classics and strove to imitate them in various types of compositions.


Some became notorious for their daring, as is the case with the comedy Crisis. In a clear imitation of Plautus, the great 3rd

century b.c. Latin writer of comedies, Piccolomini aimed to show onstage the skills of a courtesan in the art of deluding clerics.



The 2000 year old book, INSTITUTIO ORATORIA, was the first teaching textbook in history and QUINTILIAN was the very first

renowned teacher.

The Portuguese version is a homage to primary school teachers, expressing the deepest gratitude for the irreplaceable role

they play in forming an individual.





Hero and Leander. A love story
The book brings together Ovid's masterpiece (Heroides 18-19), the version by Greek poet Musaeus, and those of two great English writers,

sixteenth century poet Christopher Marlowe, and seventeenth century dramatist Ben Jonson.

Scribonius Largus, Compositiones
From the dawning of the Roman Empire comes this manual of medical prescriptions. His prescriptions were widely used during ancient times,

and to this day it is still a text of major interest.

Quintus Cicero, Little handbook on electioneering
This is a short political science treatise on how to organize an election campaign, written in the first century B.C., in the last years of the Roman


Print collection:
SAINTS AND MIRACLES IN THE PORTUGUESE MIDDLE AGES. Texts and culture prior to the birth of the nation.
Planned books: St. Vicent, St. Engracia, St. Eulalia, St. Justa and St. Rufina, St. Sebastian, St. Mamede, St. Stephen, St. Cosmas and St. Damian, Santiago, S. Torcato, St. Cucuphas, St. Thyrsus, St. Fructuosus, St. Cyprian, St. Euphemia.




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