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A TRADUVÁRIUS belongs to the world of SME's, offering translating and back-translating services (working with spoken language rather than

text), subtitling, simultaneous interpreting and voiceovers in a wide range of languages, and is mainly geared towards the audiovisual market:

cinema, television and DVD. Not only are we featured in different TV channels, but also in the book industry, academic education literature,

informative pharmaceutical leaflets, legal texts, etc., and have managed to win the loyalty of several national and international companies.

We regularly collaborate with ZON Lusomundo, translating the documentaries of National Geographic, BBC and more, as well as with other

television channels: SIC, SIC Mulher, SIC Radical, HOUSE TV, MOV, História, Odisseia, Bio, etc.

Furthermore, we have branched out into other sectors, like taking part in forums and other big events that call for the qualified presence of

native translators/interpreters, whose curricula are accredited by the highest European authorities.

TRADUVÁRIUS we rely on our collaboration with professionals from many different backgrounds, overseeing and handling texts, in order to

guarantee high performances from our translators on both a technological and a communicative level, by networking and constantly updating

the themes and terminologies on our very own database.
Our protocol agreement with several universities means that students can do their internship with us in the fields of translating and subtitling,

which brings added value to our company.



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Thoroughness, Professionalism and Honesty, these are the characteristics that have won us the credibility and trust of our clients.

TRADUVÁRIUS – We like to translate. WELL!






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